How to Link Voter ID to Aadhaar Card using EPIC UID Seeding

How to Link Voter ID to Aadhaar Card using EPIC & UID number

Election Commission of India planned to revise the electors database all around India to remove fraudulent voter's name. For this purpose Election Commission of India decided to link Voters ID card that is Electors Photo Identity Card number with aadhaar card number (UID number).

It is mandatory for all the citizens who hold Voter ID card should link EPIC number with Aadhaar card. This process should be completed before 31, July 2015.

All state government had started organizing committee for the linkage of Voter ID with Aadhaar card. The process of linking EPIC no and UID number is called Aadhaar seeding.

Voter ID and aadhaar card linking process are under the NERPAP (National Electrol Roll Purification and Authentication programming). The Election Commission of India brought this program for performing various operations like linking/joining EPIC no with UID number, Error correction in voter ID card, Improving quality of Image in Voter ID.

Link Voter ID to Aadhaar Card
How to Link Aadhaar card with Voter id card

What are the ways to link Voter ID (EPIC No) with Aadhaar card (UID No)?

Aadhaar Seeding can be done either through online or through offline. The Process is simple when it is done in online. There are various other ways for Aadhaar Seeding through mobile phone, Via SMS, Call Center. Elector's can choose any one method to link EPIC number with UID number.

Voters can directly enter into the official website for portal seeding or for self seeding.

Online methods of connecting Aadhaar card and voter id card

There is an official website for connecting Aadhar card with Elector's ID.

Step 1: Open the official website

Step 2: Select self seeding.

Step 3: Enter your EPIC and UID number in the given block.

Step 4: Enter your mobile number.

Step 5: One time password will be generated and send to your phone.

Step 6: Enter OTP and click "validate" button

Step 7: After validation process, you will be asked to fill basic details. Fill it and give search.

Step 8: If details entered by you is correct, you will be asked to enter an aadhaar card number.

Step 9: Chance will be given to verify your EPIC information with UID information.

Step 10: After comparing, Click "Seed" button.

Once you click seed button, your Voter ID will be linked with Aadhaar card. Checking the status of process is also available.

EPIC Aadhaar card seeding portal

How to Linking Voter ID to Aadhar card through SMS

Linking Aadhaar card with voter ID via SMS is the very simplest way. Most probably all Indians possess mobile phones. Electors can simply send an SMS to the mentioned phone number. This SMS should hold EPIC number and UID number.


Type SEEDEPIC<space> EPIC NO <space> Aadhaar No and send to 8790499899.

Another method:

Type ECILINK<EPIC_ Number><Aadhaar_no> and send to 51969 or 166.

Linking Aadhaar ID to Voter card through the call center

Special call centers have been organized all over the country to help people in linking EPIC number with the Voter ID number. Electors can make calls to the 1950 number  between 10.00 a.m. To 5.00 p.m. All the doubts will be clarified and process will be done.

How to link Voter Id with Aadhaar card using a mobile phone?

Download Android App, ios app, windows app from the Chief Electoral Officer's website.

Offline Aadhaar Seeding ( Joining voter id card with aadhar id via form filling)

Booth level officers (BLO) will visit your area. At that time you give the xerox copy of your voter ID and aadhaar card. They will note down both the EPIC numbers and UID numbers and link it.

How to check the status after linking voter ID with Aadhaar card?

Go to the below link for knowing status seeding.do? backclicked= No&method=generate

What is the necessary/Advantages for linking voter ID with Aadhaar card?

The reason or purpose for linking voter ID with Aadhar Card is to identify the fraudulent persons who have two voter ID, Person who enrolled their name in two different places, etc.

Election Commission of India takes this into serious account and start the operation from 3rd march 2015.

Last date for connecting Aadhaar id card no with voter id card ?
It decided to wind up the process within 31st July 2015.

ECI has started  eliminating the person who has two voter Identity card and creating a revised database.

What is EPIC?

Electors Photo Identity Card is the card issued by the Election Commission of India. EPIC card is also called as the voter ID card which holds details like Elector's name, Father's or Husband's name, Date of Birth, Ward number, Address, Constituency.

Eligibility to get EPIC:

The Citizen who completed 18 years can apply for a voter ID card. This process can be done either through online or offline.

Online EPIC Registration:

1. Open "eci-citizenservices.nic.in" website.

2. Click "New registration"

3. Enter your mobile no and mail-Id.

4. A Verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter that number in the displayed web page.

5. Now enter all the details asked in Form6 Application and upload your photo, Id proof, Age proof and Address proof.

6. Click Submit.

7. An Application ID number will be generated. Use this number for knowing Application status.

What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. It provides a UID number for all citizens irrespective of age, sex, community, caste, races. Aadhaar card is issued by collecting our personal details, Capturing Biometric Identifications.

Online Registration of Aadhaar card is possible?

Online Registration of Aadhaar card is not possible at present but we can do Online booking of Aadhaar card enrollment. This is a trial basis at selected enrollment centers.

Online booking of Aadhaar card enrollment can be done in the website http://appointments.uidai.gov.in. There is the possibility of checking the status of Aadhaar card. Downloading of Aadhaar card is possible by entering an enrollment ID number.

This is same for all states (Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh, telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, MP, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Kerala, etc).
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